I love to talk! As a speaker, I've spoken on a range of topics at conferences and user groups across the UK and internationally. Combining my two passions and areas of expertiese (development and the gaming industry), I've have the great privilege to speak on a range of topics centered on that core.

As a speaker I'm equally comfortable delivering workshops or speaking to smaller groups (anything from 3 - 300!), as delivering keynotes at international conferences.

Drawing on my experiences as a developer, manager and biz dev in the gaming industry, I'm uniquely positioned to appeal to a range of audiences in the technical space.

I'd be delighted to come and give a talk at your user group or conference - I regularly submit to CFPs, but equally I'd love to hear from you if you think your attendees would be interested in one of my talk topics



  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Regular Expressions
  • Application Scaling
  • i18n
  • The Developer Community


  • Lessons Learned as a Director of Development
  • Sales: the Engineer's Way

Gaming Industry

  • After-market Monitisation
  • The Future of Gaming Revenue
  • International Growth of the Games Industry

Sample Videos


"Talk of the conference for me. This is likely due to the fact that I am about to start tackling very similar problems at work next week! I had several glass-breaking moments around pluralisation and placeholders. I also learnt exactly how to solve these problems.

I also loved that Liam gave a lot of context as to why this is important for his business. It sounds like BuyCraft really understand this customers well. The focus around your requirements and the callbacks to those throughout the talk was very good."

Chris Sherry, PHPUK 18

"Great stuff Liam, thank you. I think a lot of people would love an off-the-shelf packaged up version of what you've done, just to make their own lives simpler, but I think what's more important is the journey you went on to get to the end result, which you demonstrated with honesty and humanity, which is always appreciated - I feel much better about my own developer skills knowing that there are experts out there who as just as fallible as me!."

Matt Dawkins, PHPUK 18

"Brilliant talk, I've always struggled with regex and actively done as much as possible to avoid using it. The information and tips that Liam provided helped to open my mind more to using regex where applicable. Especially loved the tip that Liam ended the talk on as this makes regex a lot easier to understand and I think it was the perfect way to end. Highly recommend that everyone gets to listen to this talk."

Mark Railton, PHPSC 17

"Really liked the talk. I thought it was very interesting and learned quite a few things. As a side note it was nice to see someone talking about a project that gets loads of users a day which uses Laravel as well, meaning that even though that was not the intended outcome but it showed those that doubt a Laravel app can be scaled so high and high traffic."

Vitor Fernando Martins Faiante, PHPUK 17

"The most inspirational keynote of the conference in my opinion; a message already familiar to me, but is important nonetheless as many don't really think about how they could actually contribute back (even if they want to, they might not have time as you say). Very nice."

James Titcumb, PHPUK 16

"Great presentation! Very exciting to see the next version of MySQL. It was great to be reminded of features that I had forgotten about and to discover new ones."

Steven Wade, PHP[tek] 17 (USA)

"Great speaker and a great introduction to the topic!"

Brooks Boyd, Madison PHP 16 (USA)

"Speaks very well, super confident - love the way he presents!"

Anon, ConFoo Vancouver 2016 (Canada)

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