I love to talk! As a speaker, I've spoken on a range of topics at conferences and user groups across the UK and internationally. While most of my talks focus around something PHP-specific, I also deliver talks on the 'soft' side of development (community contribution, management etc) as well as talks that are relevent and useful to develers generally, and I hope to soon be giving talks related to my new experience in the gaming industry.

I'd be delighted to come and give a talk at your user group or conference - I regularly submit to CFPs, but equally I'd love to hear from you if you think your attendees would be interested in one of my talk topics


Rated 5

P Anand at 15:41 on 17 Feb 2017

Wonderful insight into application scaling. All the challenges faced were very well explained.

An excellent talk, I liked the humour and the knowledge shared really useful practical examples. Lots of great tips and of course benchmark as much as possible!

The most inspirational keynote of the conference in my opinion; a message already familiar to me, but is important nonetheless as many don't really think about how they could actually contribute back (even if they want to, they might not have time as you say). Very nice.

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